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New Grandland

La nueva generación SUV ya está aquí, llega el nuevo Opel Grandland. Admira su distintivo diseño con el icónico frontal Vizor®. Contempla en su interior el futurista módulo digital pure panel® formado por dos pantallas. Siente el impulso de sus eficientes motores de gasolina y diésel. Y viaja con la seguridad de ideas tan brillantes como el sistema de estacionamiento semi-automático y los faros pixel LED Intelli-Lux®
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There’s nothing typical about Grandland

Engineered to be efficient
Forget what you know about plug-in hybrids because the Grandland Plug-in Hybrid is a true game changer. Its state-of-the-art plug-in hybrid technology gets you far further than electric alone, reducing your exhaust emissions to zero for longer. Charge it daily to make the most out of the plug-in hybrid technology.  
Learn how to maximize range
Easy charging
Charging your Grandland Plug-in Hybrid is simply electric, with charging made simple by Opel. Whether at home using a standard cable or Wallbox, or at any AC public station, recharging is always fast and efficient.  
Discover charging accessories Learn more about charging possibilities
Electric pays off
There are multiple subsidy and bonus incentive schemes for getting into a Grandland Plug-in Hybrid, such as financial support for setting up your home wall-box charger. Yet another benefit of going simply electric with Opel.  
Learn more about governmental subsidies Learn more about financial support on your wall box

Check the daily electric range of your Grandland Plug-in Hybrid

Customize your Grandland Plug-in Hybrid


Class leading features

Electrifying experience
The Grandland Plug-in Hybrid’s electrical power comes from a state-of-the-art 13.2 kWh liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery pack located under the cabin – offering maximum cabin and cargo space, with a low & stable, centre of gravity. 
Exhilarating & efficient

With a 1.6 Direct Injection petrol engine with electric power from a 13.2 kWh battery… exhilarating yet efficient is what you can expect from the new Grandland Plug-in Hybrid. Depending on your choice of drivetrain, you can get 221 kW (300hp) with 520nm of torque for the all-wheel drive models and 165 kW (225hp) with 360nm of torque for front-wheel drive models. The conventional engine automatically will engage to provide optimum balance between efficiency and performance. 


Fuel consumption combined x,x – x,x l/100 km; CO2 emission combined xxx –xx g/km, energy consumption combined xx,x - xx,x kWh/100 km; pure electric range (combined) xxx km to xxx km (depending on equipped options)

Powerful & dynamic

Both FWD and AWD versions of the Grandland Plug-in Hybrid are equipped with an 8-speed electrified transmission system and electronic automatic gearbox paired with dynamic shift paddles for a sportier driving experience and instant throttle response. Power is nothing without control, which is why Grandland Plug-in Hybrid features always-ready e-AWD1 technology via an electrically-powered rear axle to deliver the best possible traction in all conditions.


1 Availability dependent on offer.

The freedom of control

With its 4 drive modes, at the push of a button the Grandland Plug-in Hybrid can adjust to how you typically like to drive – providing all the advantages of an SUV combined with those of an electric car. 


  • Hybrid offers the best of both worlds between controlled fuel consumption and on-road performance.
  • AWD (if specified) activates both the engine and electric engine to provide improved grip on rough surfaces.
  • Sport draws on the combined power of the engine and motor for a more dynamic drive.
  • Electric activates the electric engine only, for zero CO2 emissions and complete silence.
Regenerative braking

Using our state-of-the-art i-Booster high efficiency braking system1, the Grandland Plug-in Hybrid recaptures energy used in driving and braking and converts it into additional electrical range.


i-Booster features two recapture modes: 

  • D-drive engages when the driver takes their foot off the accelerator for moderate recapture.
  • B-mode increases recuperation when both braking and through normal deceleration.


When the battery is fully charged or the need for sharper deceleration is detected, the Grandland Plug-in Hybrid will automatically switch from using i-Booster brakes to standard brakes.


1 Maximum 10% of total capacity for hybrid model.

Vehicle data monitoring
The new Grandland Plug-in Hybrid is enhanced by Vehicle Data Monitoring streamed to the driver in an elegantly simple, digitally-detoxed flow via the Pure Panel display cluster. This gives you an intuitive overview of energy consumption, so you stay informed and in command, and can easily achieve maximum range and efficiency. 


You want to discover even more?

Committed to you

Enjoy total peace of mind as an Opel Electric or Hybrid vehicle owner with our 10 Commitments suite of aftersales benefits. From 24/7 roadside assistance and lifetime free software updates to our 8-year 160,000km battery warranty and friendly experts to answer all your questions, we have you covered.

A comprehensive ten-point service promise providing straightforward, expert care in all aspects of vehicle ownership

1. 8 years warranty or 160,000 km for the traction battery


2. Opel roadside assistance
8 years / 160.000km manufacturer’s coverage

Drive in serenity 24/24 and 7/7. 


3. E-expert center

Our experts will take care of your vehicle and will answer all your questions.


4. Opel Flexcare (recommended)

All maintenance operations, parts and dedicated services are included. 


5. Certified charging solution

A complete range of wall box es, installed by selected professionals. 


6. Mobility solution

Different mobility solutions to keep you on the road. 


7. Lifetime software updates

Always benefit the best driving experience. 


8. Car recharge to 80 %

At each service inspection. 


9. Quote and book online* 

Book your appointment and calculate your Aftersales operation.


10. And your car is clean at each visit*


* If available