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More  Realistic Consumption Figures.

The new WLTP driving cycle takes into account situations that are closer to everyday life than the current NEDC standard. It allows you to assess daily consumption better. The consumption values outlined in the "New European Driving Cycle" (NEDC) are precise and easily comparable, but they are not perfect. Since the NEDC was made legally binding in 1992, cars and individual driving styles have changed significantly. To better reflect the new conditions the test parameters have been redefined in the "Worldwide Harmonized Light-Duty Vehicle Test Procedure" (WLTP). They now take into account:


  • More realistic driving dynamics and outside temperatures
  • Greater test distances
  • Higher average and maximum speeds
  • Shorter stops
  • More braking and acceleration


The influence of optional equipment also plays a role in the WLTP driving cycle. This new driving cycle will be legally binding for all automobile manufacturers from autumn 2017.